What service and repair operations are regulated by the EPA?

Activities conducted by dealership service and body shops that must follow EPA guidelines are: parts replacement, (radiator, brakes, mufflers, transmission, exhaust systems, tires retreading ) and repair services such as painting or diagnostic services where batteries and oil exchange are waste sources that could be classified as hazardous waste. Some of the waste streams* that are generated these operations are:

Multimedia pollution sources:
Air Pollution wastes
Air Conditioning (CFC’s)
Painting-paint and thinners
Part cleaners
Catalytic converters (CC’s)

Wastewater waste stream:
Used oil/filters
Used anti-freeze
Used Solvents or gasoline
Contaminated rags

Solid waste / Hazardous wastes:

*They all have specific rules and regulations for their handling, dipsosal, transfer and documentation. Does your dealership have this done? Contact ERS.

Environmental Risk Services (ERS) is the leading provider of environmental compliance and safety programs for new car and truck dealers on the East Coast. The complicated environmental regulations and safety issues that are placed on your new car or truck dealership, is the reason you need to turn to one company that possesses the experience and the strategic partnerships it takes to handle these matters.

Are all employees who operate forklifts at your dealership trained on OSHA requirements for safe lift operations, as well as your dealership's own company safety procedures regarding powered vehicles?

OSHA forklift rules Each operator must be trained and evaluated by the employer before being allowed to operate a forklift. OSHA mandates detailed and dealership specific training for operators based on the types of lifts they use and specific situations in the dealership. Each operator must be trained and evaluated by the employer before being allowed to operate a forklift.

ERS offers the most comprehensive operator training and certification package on the market as part of our safety and compliance service package.

Why does it cost so much money to have my hazardous wastes hauled out and disposed of?

It shouldn’t. New technology and market competition among haulers have allowed dealerships to eliminate some waste streams all together, and greatly reduce the cost of disposal. ERS will analyze each of your dealerships current waste streams to ensure that a compliant and cost effective approach is in place.

Have I trained all of my employees in those courses required by law?

Very unlikely. Unless you have trained every dealership employee, including sales and office staff, on topics such as Right to Know and Emergency Preparedness, you are out of compliance. Furthermore, you are required to update this training annually... no easy task. ERS will set up an employee education schedule and roster, and ensure training is completed when necessary, while at the convenience of your dealership’s busy environment.

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