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ERS has established an interactive web-based safety training program. We understand that fostering a safe, healthy workforce improves productivity, lowers costs and builds the bottom line. That’s why our clients rely on us to deliver onsite as well as online safety training solutions that produce results and drive business performance. All employees in participating entities with ERS are able to access online training courses which cover various safety and health topics.

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ERS has made reasonable efforts to provide training materials that are based on generally accepted occupational safety and health regulations, consensus standards, and professional principles and practices. Other than the foregoing, ERS disclaims all warranties, express and implied and assumes no responsibility for the inappropriate application of any information, material, or instruction provided herein. In no event will ERS or any of its employees, be held liable for any type of loss or damages that could be construed as arising from these training materials, including without limitation consequential, incidental, indirect, special or exemplary damages. All content provided by ERS is subject to the restrictive rights of ERS and other content providers. Clients may not copy, distribute or modify the material provided without express written authorization from ERS.

Select your Training Module from the menu below. If you do not have a User ID and Password please contact your Compliance specialist directly or call 800-ERS-2707 ext. 109.

Environmental Compliance Training for Body Shops

Right to Know and Emergency Preparation Training

Respiratory Protection

Red Flags & Information Safeguarding

Fire Extinguisher Training

Sexual Harassment