Environmental Risk Services LLC. is a growing environmental consulting firm integrating safety and and environmental compliance operations to serve the Automotive industry.

Our comprehensive service packages in environmental safety and dealership operations allows us to focus on our clients' needs. Exceeding our client's needs is our goal, and that results in repeat business. Keeping up with the demand for our service has resulted in growth in all of our offices. This increase in business has also meant substantial leaps in our ranking among environmental firms. This growth adds up to opportunities for you.

ERS is looking for enthusiastic people to fill the following positions:

Sales and Marketing Representative, Mid-Atlantic Region

Environmental Engineer/Specialist Mid-Atlantic Region

Sales and Marketing Representative, South East Region

Environmental Engineer/Specialist, South East Region

Sales and Marketing Representative, Ohio Region

Environmental Engineer/Specialist, Ohio Region

Please e-mail resumes to info@environmentalriskservices.com or fax to 610.825.9261.

Careers at ERS